How To Get Involved

Are you interested in getting involved with Finance4Scholars? Follow the steps below, and begin your journey to becoming a financial guru!

  1. Watch the Training Videos: Under the Financial Training page, there are currently 9 videos for you to watch. Each of these videos will help you understand another area of finance.
  2. Visit the SIFMA Foundation: Once you have finished watching all 9 of the training videos, you should have a basic foundation in finance. To put your newly-learnt skills to the test, you can visit the SIFMA Foundation website for more resources to learn.
  3. Do College Research: If you are interested in majoring in finance or any other area of business, please visit the College Research page, which will assist you on your journey.
  4. In-Person Offerings: Once you have completed the previous three steps, you can book sessions with Finance4Scholars at to get more financial resources and to receive in-person teaching!

It’s that easy! Finance4Scholars is here to support you every step of your financial journey. Please visit the Contact Us page for any other questions you may have. Happy learning!