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Auris Medical Holding AG is a biopharmaceutical business that specializes in creating cures for tinnitus and hearing loss. AM-101, the company’s leading candidate, is undergoing Phase 3 clinical studies to treat acute inner ear tinnitus. Auris Medical also has a number of additional drugs in development, such as AM-125 for treating vertigo and AM-201 for treating hearing loss brought on by high noise.

Auris Medical Holding has been largely constant over the past year, but it has previously experienced considerable volatility. The stock price increased in August 2020 when the business disclosed encouraging Phase 1 trial findings for AM-201. The stock price has since fallen, and as of February 2023, it is currently trading at about $2.35.


  • Market Cap: $39.19M
  • EPS Q/Q 102.14%
  • Current Ratio: 3.83
  • Book/Share: 1.41

The goal of the clinical-stage biopharmaceutical business Landos Biopharma, Inc. is to create oral medicines for autoimmune illnesses. For the treatment of ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease, the company’s principal product candidate, BT-11, is undergoing Phase 2 clinical trials. Further pharmaceutical candidates in Landos Biopharma’s pipeline include BT-11 for other autoimmune disorders and BT-13 for fibrosis.

Since its IPO in 2020, Landos Biopharma, Inc.’s stock has experienced some fluctuation. Once the business revealed encouraging Phase 2 findings for BT-11 in patients with ulcerative colitis in December 2020, the stock price shot up. Unfortunately, the price of the stock has subsequently dropped, and as of February 2023, it is currently trading at about $0.30.

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The process of distributing a portfolio of investments among several asset classes, such as stocks, bonds, and cash, is known as asset allocation. To balance risk and return, investments are dispersed over a variety of asset classes, each of which response to changes in the market environment differently.

Asset allocation is based on the diversification principle, which tries to lower overall portfolio risk by investing in a variety of assets with little connection to one another. The idea that if one asset class is underperforming, the other assets in the portfolio might be able to make up the difference helps to explain this.