Blog 16


Block Inc is “an American multinational technology conglomerate founded in 2009” that creates tools that enable businesses, sellers, and individuals to participate in the economy.

Since February 2017, the company has experienced rapid development, with share values rising by more than 106%. This is due to the business’ success in creating fresh goods and services that are in demand in the quickly evolving technology market. In addition, the business has managed to keep a solid cash flow, pay down debt, and buy back shares. This has contributed to increasing investor confidence and accelerating the stock’s rise.


  • Market Cap: $48.78B
  • Revenue: $16.96B
  • Revenue Q/Q: 17.45%
  • Gross Margin: 25.03%

Siga Technologies is “an American pharmaceutical company founded in 1995, currently based in New York City, which develops and sells pharmaceutical solutions for the antiviral treatment of smallpox, monkeypox, cowpox, and vaccinia complications.”

A small-cap industrial business with headquarters in the US, the corporation has battled to keep its share price stable over the past year. The company has been able to record somewhat positive returns, but they haven’t been sufficient to stay up with the broader market indices. The company’s lack of innovation and incapacity to compete in its field can be blamed for this. Siga has also experienced a decline in the demand for its goods and services, which has led to lower profitability and cash flow. Due to investor apprehension as a result, the stock’s share price has continued to drop.


  • Market Cap: $590.04M
  • Revenue: $214.76M
  • Revenue Q/Q: 1390.07%
  • Gross Margin: 87.58%

Financial Term

The phrase “short selling” is one that is frequently used in finance. When an investor sells a security they do not own, like a stock, they are said to be engaging in short selling. This is accomplished by the investor borrowing the security from a broker, selling it, and then, in order to profit, buying it back at a later time when the price has decreased. It is a crucial stock market tool that traders frequently employ to profit from market downturns.