Blog 12

Welcome to the final portion of our three-part series where we compare two companies’ financials!


Our final comparison is Icahn Enterprises and Healthpeak Properties; both companies are involved in the real estate industry.

Icahn Enterprises is a NASDAQ-trading company that invests in many different sectors; however, real estate is their primary investment area.

Healthpeak Properties is an American real estate investment company focusing primarily on the healthcare sector.

Refer to the figure below to view a financial comparison between Healthpeak Properties and Icahn Enterprises.

 Icahn EnterprisesHealthpeak PropertiesAdvantage
Stock Price$47.79$25.93Icahn Enterprises
Current Ratio5.410.4Icahn Enterprises
Gross Margin16.30%59.22%Healthpeak Properties
Operating Margin3.28%16.37%Healthpeak Properties
Profit Margin-4.57%26.66%Healthpeak Properties
Return on Total Assets-1.28%2.89%Healthpeak Properties
Return on Equity-9.85%6.52%Healthpeak Properties
ROIC0.34%4.40%Healthpeak Properties
Debt-to-Equity Ratio5.191.24Icahn Enterprises
1-Year Performance-14.89%-23.67%Icahn Enterprises
5-Year Performance-6.91%-16.92%Icahn Enterprises
P/E Ratio26.1732.73Healthpeak Properties
P/S Ratio1.097.26Icahn Enterprises
Revenue$12.03B$1.939BIcahn Enterprises
Market Cap$13.16B$14.07BHealthpeak Properties
Enterprise Value$19.90B$13.42BHealthpeak Properties
Revenue QoQ20.69%9.47%Healthpeak Properties
Revenue YoY25.72%28.01%Healthpeak Properties
EBIT Margin2.09%29.78%Healthpeak Properties
EBITDA Margin5.9643.36%Healthpeak Properties
EBITDA$717M$840.89MHealthpeak Properties
Volatility2.50%3.18%Icahn Enterprises
Beta00.63Healthpeak Properties
RSI38.5243.11Healthpeak Properties
Gross Profit$1.85B$1.13BIcahn Enterprises
Operating Income$93M$315.32MHealthpeak Properties
Total1115Healthpeak Properties

This comparison shows that both Healthpeak and Icahn have not performed well over the past few years. However, Healthpeak has proven to be superior in both the short-term and long-term. Though a smaller company, they have managed to secure a higher operating income and nearly as much gross profit as Icahn Enterprises.

Thus, it is clear that Healthpeak is a better investment and company than Icahn Enterprises.

Financial Term

The term for this blog is gross margin, which measures a company’s sales revenue after accounting for various direct costs. Typically, a higher gross margin means that a company is making more capital which can be used for other purposes such as paying off debt.

We hope you enjoyed this three-part series!