Blog 10

Welcome to Blog 10, the first of a three-part series!

In past blogs, we have typically analyzed two companies. However, for the next three blogs, we will be comparing two companies’ financials instead!

Our next comparison is between Triumph Group and Benchmark Electronics, two globally-recognized manufacturing companies.


Triumph Group is an American company that supplies aerospace services, structures, systems, and support. Its mission is to use their vast design and manufacturing resources to make the world safer.

Benchmark Electronics is an American business that provides product lifecycle solutions from product design to advanced manufacturing.

Refer to the figure below to view a financial comparison between Benchmark Electronics and Triumph Group.

 Triumph Group IncBenchmark Electronics IncAdvantage
Stock Price$12.70$21.52Benchmark Electronics
Current Ratio1.62.12Benchmark Electronics
Quick Ratio11.23Benchmark Electronics
Gross Margin26.50%9.13%Triumph Group
Operating Margin7.14%2.36%Triumph Group
Profit Margin-2.93%1.59%Benchmark Electronics
Return on Total Assets-2.38%2.05%Benchmark Electronics
Return on Equity5.26%4.00%Triumph Group
ROIC4.65%2.95%Triumph Group
Debt-to-Equity Ratio-3.240.96Benchmark Electronics 
1-Year Performance-35.79%-21.21%Benchmark Electronics
5-Year Performance-60.43%-33.72%Benchmark Electronics
P/E Ratio11.8219.36Benchmark Electronics
P/S Ratio0.570.33Benchmark Electronics
Revenue$1.460B$2.386BBenchmark Electronics
Market Cap$832.98M$779.51MTriumph Group
Enterprise Value$2.13B$765.39MTriumph Group
Revenue QoQ-17.18%25.78%Benchmark Electronics
Revenue YoY-21.92%16.72%Benchmark Electronics
EBIT Margin6.71%2.40%Triumph Group
EBITDA Margin12.66%3.30%Triumph Group
EBITDA $184.81M$78.835MTriumph Group
Volatility6.85%3.77%Benchmark Electronics
Beta1.910.75Benchmark Electronics
RSI36.6332.71Triumph Group
Gross Profit$386.88M$205.9MTriumph Group
Operating Income$104.23M$53.06MTriumph Group
Total1215Benchmark Electronics Inc

From start to finish, Benchmark Electronics is far and away a better company in both the short-term and the long-term.

It is important to note that Triumph has more gross profit and operating income than Benchmark. These two metrics are critical indicators of 1-year performance.

Despite this setback, Benchmark has advantages in other long-term indicators such as 1-year and 5-year performance, YoY Revenue Growth, and quick and current ratios. Additionally, Benchmark is far less risky and has a much higher yearly revenue though they are a smaller company than Triumph.

Therefore, we can conclude that Benchmark is a better stock to invest in for both the short-term and long-term.

Financial Term

Our term for this blog is the Fixed Asset Turnover Ratio. Fixed Asset Turnover Ratio measurements serve as an indicator of the efficiency of a company when using their fixed assets to generate revenue. A high value implies effective utilization, and a low value implies ineffective utilization.